Clinton County Municipal Court
Thursday December 7
Traffic Division Criminal Division Civil Division Small Claims Division
Court Fees

Here you can find various court costs and the case or filing types they pertain to.

Costs for Copies

Copies provided by the Court will cost $1.00 per page for the first 5 pages and 25¢ per page for any additional pages. Payment is required upon receipt.

Civil Division
Filing Fees - Amended - Effective 9/1/18  
Small Claims Case ($6,000.00 Maximum Claim)
Plus $10.00 for each defendant over one
Transfer Small Claims to Civil Docket $50.00
All Civil Case Complaints ($15,000.00 Maximum Claim)
Plus $10.00 for each defendant over one
All Garnishment of personal earnings actions $75.00
Forcible Entry and Detainer (includes personal service) $115.00
Plus $25.00 for each defendant over one
Writ of Restitution (fee due with filing of praecipe) $25.00
All parties will automatically be served by certified mail unless a written request for supplemental service is filed, with the exception of forcible entry and detainer complaints.
Additional Costs  
Appeals $125.00
Cognovit Note $110.00
Replevin $110.00
Revivor $25.00
Supplemental Ordinary Mail Service $5.00
Supplemental Certified Mail Service $15.00
Supplemental Personal Service $15.00
Garnishment other than personal earnings/Attachment/and other similar proceedings in aid of execution $35.00**
Additional $15.00 for Additional Defendants  
Authenticated (Exemplified) Copy $5.00
Default Judgment Motion $15.00
Summary Judgment Motion $15.00
Judgment on Pleadings Motion $15.00
Debtor Examination Orders  
Certified Mail (restricted) $30.00
Personal Service $40.00
Certificate of Judgment Preparation $10.00
Transfer of Judgment Filing $5.00
Trusteeships $110.00
Preparation of Subpoenas
Check for $6.50 for each person subpoenaed
Plus $.20 per mile
In County $10.00
Out of County $20.00
Service by Publication (motion, entry, praecipe, notice for newspaper)
Moving party responsible to arrange and pay for publication and return Certificate of Publication to Clerk.
Jury Trials (due at time of filing) $300.00
Jury Trials (due no later than 14 days prior to trial date) $100.00
Execution $510.00
** Plus $1.00 check made payable to garnishee
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