Clinton County Municipal Court
Sunday July 21
Traffic Division Criminal Division Civil Division Small Claims Division
Court Fees

Here you can find various court costs and the case or filing types they pertain to.

Costs for Copies

Copies provided by the Court will cost $1.00 per page for the first 5 pages and 25¢ per page for any additional pages. Payment is required upon receipt.

Civil Division
Notice of Appeal $25.00
Plus $30.00 for each additional Defendant
Appeals $225.00
Civil Complaints $150.00
Amended Complaint Per Party $15.00
Counterclaim Per Party $15.00
Cross Claim $150.00
Default Judgment Motion $25.00
Judgment On Pleadings Motion $25.00
Revivor $50.00
Show Cause Hearing $25.00
Summary Judgment Motion $25.00
Certificate of Judgment $25.00
Forcible Entry and Detainer $150.00
FED - Per Additional Defendant $25.00
Writ of Restitution $25.00
Small Claims $75.00
Small Claims - Certified Mail $75.00
Plus $25.00 for each additional Defendant
Small Claims - Personal/Residential $75.00
Plus $25.00 for each additional Defendant
Transfer Small Claims to Civil $50.00
Wage Garnishments $150.00
Garnishment Other Than Personal Earnings/Attachment and Other Similar Proceedings in Aid of Execution $75.00 plus $1.00 for Bank
Authenticated Copy $10.00
Cognovit Note $120.00
Judgment Debtor Exam $50.00
JDE - Certified Mail $50.00
Plus $25.00 for each additional Defendant
JDE - Personal/Residential $60.00
Plus $25.00 for each additional Defendant
Preparation on Subpoena Check to Witness $6.50
Plus $.20 Per Mile
In County/Plus Mileage and Fee $25.00
Out of County/Plus Mileage and Fee $30.00
Replevin $150.00
Plus any additional amount deemed necessary for transportation and storage
Supplemental Certified Mail Service / Defendant $25.00
Supplemental Personal Service / Defendant $25.00
Transfer of Judgment Filing $10.00
Trusteeship $150.00
Plus $5.00 per Creditor
Service by Publication (Motion, Entry, Pracipe, Notice for Newspaper $150.00
Plus Basic Costs
Moving Party Responsible to Arrange and Pay for Publication and Return of Certificate of Publication to Clerk
Jury Trial (Due at time of filing) $600.00
Execution $510.00
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