Clinton County Municipal Court
Sunday July 21
Traffic Division Criminal Division Civil Division Small Claims Division
Criminal Division

Contact Information:
(937) 382-8985
Jenny Foster

You may visit the Municipal Court during the office hours of 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

WARNING: If you fail to appear in Court as required on any misdemeanor you may be arrested and punished by SIX MONTHS IN JAIL AND/OR a $1,000.00 FINE, regardless of the disposition of the original charge.

Criminal Filing Fees

Court costs for criminal court and traffic court are $170.00
If you go to trial there may be additional costs incurred for subpoenas; witness fees; etc. These fees are in addition to the minimum $170.00 costs.

When appearing at the Clerk's office, you must properly identify yourself.
What must I do when I visit the Court as specified by my citation, assignment notice, letter, or cash bond form?

Report to the Clerk's office for direction or report to the courtroom and check in with the bailiff on duty.

What must I bring to Court?

You must bring any relevant paperwork having to do with your case, such as:

How long should I plan to be in Court?

As a defendant, expect to be in Court for a substantial portion of the day to take care of all possible matters.

What are the different possible hearings?
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